Uncertain feelings



Mind starting to conceive uncertain thoughts

Feelings was indecisive but trying to cope up and ignore

Don’t want to use the word Adieu to someone who lit and kindle my world

The direction seems like labyrinth & it makes confused which passage to take

Risking yourself to someone to prove your love is worth .

But the word of Love will turn to someone in to pain

Feels like that you are drowning covering up the lies that you keep for a long time

Relationship seems like a jagged road, necessary to keep balance so you wont stumble.

The hands keep on trembling and knees get weaken but the heart keep on trying to fortify and believe for every possibility that there is a word of US.

Now, already made up the mind to continue of what was started.

And keep on standing no matter what the result is.

Because love conquers all. ❤



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