I am truly blessed <3

Hi everyone! Sorry if I’m not updated with my blog because I was too busy for the past few months. So here I’am gonna post some inspiring photos during my staycation in the beautiful city of Yerevan in Armenia.

I can’t explain myself during that day on 4th of December 2016. I was really excited about the thing thats going on. I see myself that time that there something good is really going to happen, feels like I’m floating in the air that I can’t imagine. Before the year end I deserved a break from a  toxic life in my previous years. So this is it another memories to cherish.. One of my dream is to visit different places/country – to travel the world, most exciting years happened. Now I am looking forward for more extreme adventures in my life.

Whoah what a great great year to celebrate! The book of 2016 is already closed, welcome 2017 for a wonderful and meaningful life to seize.

If we believe in ourselves for our capabilities everything will fall into the right time and right place. Miracles do if you have faith. Be positive all the time use your intuition to make the dreams into reality. Let your wings fly high and never ever give up for the things that makes your heart happy.. Have a lovely day folks. You are beautiful human!!!!! ❤

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